Nevada City Council candidates seek to fill empty spot – The Union of Grass Valley

Shortly after being reelected to the Nevada City Council, former Mayor Reinette Senum resigned from her position in July, leaving a vacant seat.

Now newcomers Amy Cobden, Catalina Llanos and Gary Petersen are on the November election ballot to fill that seat.

The council opted not to appoint a replacement before the election.

The winner will fill the remainder of Senum’s term, which ends July 2024.


Though initially reluctant to be in the public eye, Amy Cobden said she decided to run to in order to get more scientists in positions of power.

“The seat opened up and I felt compelled to sign up, because I feel like now more than ever, we need scientists in all kinds of elected positions, weighing in on issues that concern us that not everyone is necessarily trained to deal with,” Cobden said. “This is a time where so much is going on nationally, and I feel so strongly about so many issues that I would rather step up and take a chance then sit back and do nothing.”

After struggling to find a job in her field, Cobden said her focus would be on the economy, with plans to foster the cannabis industry and hopes to create a thinktank for businesses in the area.

“We’re not necessarily hiring someone to come in and revamp the city or the economy so much as creatively troubleshoot,” she said. “As a voter myself, I’m looking for someone who is going to approach these problems from new angles.”

On housing, she said she supports the city in streamlining the process of building affordable housing, allowing homeowners to create more units, and would like to see more countywide collaboration.

“I learned real quick, what a tremendous, expensive process building in this county and city is… it was

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