Nevada City Council candidates make their case – The Union of Grass Valley

Three candidates seeking the Nevada City Council seat vacated by Reinette Senum made their case to voters in a League of Women Voters of Western Nevada County forum Thursday evening.

Amy Cobden, Catalina Llanos, and Gary Petersen took questions from the community and laid out their visions for Nevada City’s future.

While each candidate identified the economy as the biggest issue for the city, Llanos also cited the importance of mental health and community well-being, Peterson listed water availability as a critical resource, and Cobden said the city’s COVID-19 response will be crucial going forward.

“What’s particularly challenging about the pandemic in this town is that we haven’t see a lot of cases,” said Cobden, an endocrinologist. “For a lot of people to really care they have to know someone who’s going through (it); so my fear is that in not having that kind of personal relationship many members of the county are just not going to take it seriously and then it’s going to come back and hit us.”

On the economy, Cobden said she would like to lean into the cannabis industry in the immediate future, Llanos said businesses need more resources and community events, and Petersen advocated a long-term move toward the tech industry.

“(The tourism industry) does not create high-paying jobs, some people profit but the workers and a lot of people, some here on Zoom, can tell you what that means in their lives trying to live in a tourist economy and I get that,” said Petersen, a former public works director. “We cannot put all our eggs in one basket.”

When it comes to broadband, each candidate said they look for partnerships with surrounding areas to make the service scalable, and Llanos said she would also look for alternatives outside of private industry.


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