Nevada caucuses live updates: Sanders wins, Buttigieg campaign challenges some results – The Washington Post

On Thursday, Reid sat down with The Washington Post for almost an hour to talk about many topics, including handicapping where the race stands and what he thinks of Iowa and New Hampshire’s spot in the lineup.

Here’s what he had to say:

PK: How did you judge Bloomberg’s performance?

HR: He didn’t do very well. … He’s only had one debate, so it’s a little too early to judge that. My personal view, I’m not sure he’s ever going to be a great debater, as he said, he’s more a manager.

Was it a near-fatal performance?

End of the line? No, $450 million stops a line from ending.

What about Warren?

She was on fire.

What changed, why was she so bad in New Hampshire and so good in Las Vegas?

Somebody can be a really good baseball player, but they can have a series of bad games, that are just awful. She had a bad night. There’s no — I know Elizabeth really well — and there’s no way you can rationalize it, her night was bad. And she put on her A-suit last night and was really strong.

What impact will Warren’s performance have on Saturday’s caucus?

The question is, Nevada, we’ve had so much early voting, people have already voted, we’ve had 70,000 people vote already. So I don’t know what’s going to happen on Saturday … A lot of the vote has already taken place before people saw the real Elizabeth Warrnen.

Can Sanders beat Trump?

All the polls say yes, you can’t find one that says contrary. But understand Bernie Sanders — you talk about Elizabeth Warren’s campaign,

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