Nate Diaz ‘Highly’ Enjoys UFC’s Lax Marijuana Policy Ahead Of Leon Edwards Bout – MiddleEasy

In his previous UFC fights, Nate Diaz would have had to likely stop smoking marijuana a few weeks out, in order to not get caught up with USADA. However now that those rules have changed, he is enjoying every bit of the latitude he now has.

The Diaz brothers are well known proponents of partaking in the wacky tobacco. In fact, Nick has still not fought since being handed the world’s most ridiculous suspension, after testing positive for marijuana back in 2015. 

So it is safe to say that they were excited when USADA announced that they were chasing the rules on what threshold counts as testing positive for THC. While it is still possible to get sanctioned by individual athletic commissions, the chief drug testing authority of the UFC has made it nearly impossible for an athlete to get in trouble for marijuana.

Nate Diaz Keeps Toking

Currently, Nate Diaz is expected to fight Leon Edwards in a five-round featured bout at UFC 263, on June 12th. The bout was expected to co-main event UFC 262, but was pushed back due to a minor injury suffered by the Stockton native.

With just under three weeks to go until the event, this likely would be the time that Nate stopped smoking, so as to lower his THC levels in time for his in-competition drug tests. However, as he showed with a post to his Instagram, he is enjoying the new rules that USADA has passed, by enjoying his greens deep into training camp.

“High all the time,” Diaz wrote.

It is good to see that Nate Diaz is able to freely smoke without any real fears of repercussions, especially if he is not competing in a place like Nevada that is oddly strict on their views

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