NA Proactive news snapshot: Mota Ventures, CanaFarma Hemp, PreveCeutical Medical, Metalla Royalty & Streaming, Champignon Brands, Hillcrest Petroleum UPDATE … – Proactive Investors USA & Canada

Mota Ventures Corp (CSE:MOTA) (OTCPINK:PEMTF) is planning to acquire ecommerce platform Unified Funding LLC, it said Friday evening.
Unified Funding’s database of over one million users has generated over C$375 million in customer transactions since its inception in 2015. The ecommerce platform is focused on serving US-based and international consumers in the dietary supplement and natural health products market. The company also assists brands to launch and scale customer acquisition strategies and closely monitors market trends.

CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp (CSE:CNFA) told shareholders on Monday that it is boosting its marketing strategy through the creation of the Confectionary, Beauty and Pain Relief categories for its unique hemp oil-based products. In a release, the cannabis company said it is creating an overarching sales and marketing strategy for the products, which were previously marketed as individual product verticals. The firm said it was providing an understanding of its overall expansion strategy across the key business segments.

PreveCeutical Medical Inc (CSE:PREV) (OTCQB:PRVCF) issued around 95.6 million shares priced at C$0.023 per share without par value in its capital to arm’s length creditors, it told shareholders. The firm entered into a shares-for-debt agreement with an arm’s length supplier that sees the supplier accepting over 8.6 million shares to satisfy an outstanding debt of around C$199,000. It also entered into two assignment and assumption agreements that saw arm’s length assignees acquire all of Stephen Van Deventer and Kimberly Van Deventer’s right, title, interests and obligations in and under a convertible credit facility agreement from December 2016, as amended, for the amount of $1,728,810.75 and the accrued interest thereon in the aggregate amount of $271,189.25. The assignees converted the amount into an aggregate of nearly 87 million shares of PreveCeutical.

Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd (CVE:MTA) (NYSEAMERICAN:MTA) closed the acquisition of Idaho Resource Corporation for US$2 million in cash

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