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The Moapa Valley Town Advisory Board (MVTAB) gave a clear message last week that the legal marijuana industry would not be welcome in the lower Moapa Valley communities. At a meeting held Wednesday, Mar. 27, the MVTAB members voted unanimously that they would not be open to consider the idea of a marijuana grow house being built in Logandale or Overton areas.

“I am totally opposed to bringing marijuana grow facility to this valley,” said MVTAB member Gene Houston. “I don’t think that the benefits would ever outweigh the negative impacts to the community. I know that marijuana is legal in the state. But there are a lot of things legal in Nevada that I don’t want here in this valley.”

Roman Garcia, who was representing cannabis grower Just Quality, told board members that the company is seeking suitable sites to build a cultivation facility. Garcia explained that no specific site was currently being targeted.
“We are just looking for somewhere that would be acceptable both to the community and to us,” Garcia said.

Garcia emphasized that what was being proposed was only a facility where plants are cultivated. He explained that production of cannabis in Nevada is tightly regulated, perhaps more strictly than any other state in the nation. Marijuana cultivation must take place in a fully enclosed greenhouse facility, he said.

“It would look like any other large industrial greenhouse operation,” Garcia said. “There would be no advertising on the outside to broadcast what it is. We are not here to draw attention or increase crime.”

The greenhouse building would be fully insulated from the outside, Garcia said. There would be no smells or odors coming from the operation, he said. In addition, the plants would not be visible from the outside of

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