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Stoners weren’t the only ones smoking above-average amounts of pot last week. As we refreshed our Internet browsers every five minutes to see where 5,000 votes from Pima County had just gone, we needed a calming influence, and weed was there for us. (I’m not entirely sure that poll workers in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia weren’t doing the same, considering the sloth’s pace we all endured.)

A blind choice won’t necessarily find the right high during such stressful times, though. I knew that hanging out at home with the lights dimmed would likely lead to inevitable news watching and Twitter scrolling, so I wanted something uplifting and distracting. Motorbreath, a child of Chemdog and San Fernando Valley OG, appeared to have the right balance of funk, flavor and jubilation to help me get there.

Neither of Motorbreath’s parents give me a clear high. Every member of Chemdog’s family tree — let alone the original — throws my intelligence around like a chew toy, and SFV OG essentially does the same, but with a Kush aftertaste. Combining the two meant a four-hour lobotomy after each smoking session. Since I couldn’t induce myself into a coma for a week (or the rest of 2020), Motorbreath sounded like my best option.

Motorbreath’s gassy smell and flavor might trick you into thinking those Diesel qualities will be energizing, but don’t fall for the trap. The strain’s high is popular for evening use and muscle pain, and will have a low-tolerance user drooling in front of a blank screen after a couple of bowls. Shit, two bong rips of Motorbreath do that to me, too. When used in shorter spurts, however, Motorbreath makes me feel out of this world without dumping my brain in quicksand, keeping me relaxed and stoned off my ass, but fully aware.

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