Most Stable Marijuana Stock To Get Solid Returns: Planet 13 (OTC: PLNHF) – Own Snap

This week doesn’t show any sharp activity in stocks, especially marijuana shares were silent in declaring steep growth. However, Planet 13 (OTC: PLNHF) could proudly expose a 17.57% rise in 3 days. Yesterday it grew 6.34% on 1,871,045 shares while the majority of cannabis stocks couldn’t even rise 1%. Steady but slow growth is very obvious in PLNHF amid an innovative approach in the marketing of marihuana products.

Planet 13’s retail stores are spectacular with the cosmic design and abstract pattern of the interior. Every store has different and unique items to amaze customers who need unearthly experiences that will get them out of this world. A lot of customers usually buy the products despite the very high price if the experience gets unforgettable.

In both Nevada and California, its superstores are actually focusing on entertainment while sales come second to make customers permanently coming. In cities of Nevada, Planet 13 holds three licenses for cultivation and logistics becoming easier there as superstores are near. Most probably, the majority of PLNHF shareholders are permanent customers of the company with loyalty and sympathy.

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