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Cannabis’s Schedule I status has largely forced cultivators to make decisions based on industry consensus, but as prohibition crumbles, research is beginning to trickle out of major universities around the world. As more information becomes available, growers can start to use the same meticulous methodology and peer-reviewed process that has been used for flower, vegetable and agronomic crops to have a better understanding of the plant physiology responsible for higher yields and the development of cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles.

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Here, Robert Eddy, director of ag projects at Core Cannabis and the former plant growth facilities manager at Purdue University, shares how a lack of scientific knowledge has impacted the cannabis industry, as well as how growers can begin to implement the science that is becoming available.

Cannabis Business Times: How has a lack of research and scientific knowledge affected the cannabis industry?

Robert Eddy: From my perspective, they’ve done an excellent job teaching themselves and learning, sharing information. I think where the limitation is, there hasn’t been a lot of research coming out of the universities. The other half of it is, when universities do research that can apply to commercial production of agriculture and horticulture products, they use the cooperative extension service to disseminate that information. That community, until recently, hasn’t been serving the cannabis growers because universities aren’t quite ready to do that yet. But the dam has broken. Thanks to Cannabis Business Times in particular, that dam has broken, and you guys are publishing articles by extension specialists like Ray Cloyd, Brian Whipker [and] Brian Jackson. If they’re disseminating information, the cannabis growers are finding that valuable, and the universities realize, “Yes, we are serving a good industry here, and we need

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