Mike Tyson's Marijuana Passion Reaches New Highs, Aims to Be the 'Face of Cannabis' in Las Vegas – TimesOfCBD

Mike Tyson is the head of his cannabis product line called Tyson Ranch. Tyson and his business partners plan to open a marijuana-focused resort in southern California in the next three years.

Mike Tyson made a career for himself as a boxer, but his recent attention has been on his line of cannabis products from his company Tyson Ranch. Speaking with the Planet 13 dispensary, he recently spoke about his interest in establishing himself in Las Vegas, which made him famous in the first place. Presently, the Tyson Ranch products can be purchased in multiple locations in Las Vegas, including Planet 13, The Source, Jenny’s Dispensary, Jardin Cannabis, and NuWu Cannabis Marketplace.

Tyson, who has a house in Las Vegas, stated that the city “is basically where I got my name. This is where it all started. I’m indebted to this town. I love this town.” Following his meeting at the Planet 13 dispensary’s conference room, he walked down the stairs to find a long line of fans that were cheering for his entry. The moment was reminiscent of his introduction to the audience as he used to take the ring on fight night.

Speaking on the recently expired six-month contract for the sale of Tyson Ranch products in Nevada exclusively, David Farris stated, “We were happy to have the exclusive rights to sell Tyson Ranch products in Nevada, but we’re also excited to see the brand continue to grow.” Farris is the director of sales and marketing for Planet 13.

Along with appearing at Planet 13, Tyson decided to make an appearance for the public at The Source, a dispensary in Henderson. Matthew Janz, a spokesman for the dispensary, said,

“The Tyson Ranch brand is wellness-minded and puts out high-quality products. Their products are pesticide-free, and it’s a

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