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The world’s largest cannabis dispensary, Planet 13 has announced the signing of a purchase agreement with Mike Tyson to be the exclusive launch partner and seller of the boxing legend’s Tyson Ranch products.

Tyson will be kicking off Weed Week with an in-store appearance at the Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 13, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans as they celebrate the launch of the new partnership. The 4/20 celebration will continue all week at Planet 13.

“We are honored that Mr. Tyson has chosen the Planet 13 SuperStore for the Nevada launch of Tyson Ranch and appreciate the opportunity to be the exclusive launch partner for this widely anticipated brand, in Nevada,” said Planet 13 co-CEO, Bob Groesbeck. “With our Phase II expansion underway, we expect the SuperStore’s national and global reputation to continue to accelerate making planet 13 the perfect place to build a nationwide brand.”

Planet 13 gets lit in the evening

Groesbeck says that Planet 13 offers cannabis companies a unique venue to launch their brands and quickly build a national and global reputation.

Planet 13 is currently implementing Phase II of their facility expansion plans which incorporate a coffee shop, bistro/pizzeria, and a consumer-facing production facility where customers can watch cannabis products being made. Plans also include an event space for hosting celebrities, weddings, bachelor parties, corporate events, and other functions.

Tyson says that Planet 13 is a perfect match for the Tyson Ranch brand.

“Tyson Ranch is all about going the extra step to offer truly great cannabis,” said Tyson. “The Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex offers customers an ultra-premium cannabis experience that dovetails perfectly with Tyson Ranch’s belief that not all cannabis is created equal.”

All of Tyson Ranch

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