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Voters in 37 states will vote on a total of 157 ballot measures on Election Day, the results of which will affect wide-ranging aspects of people’s daily lives in those states — from their right to purchase a gun to which bathroom they can use.

Massachusetts will hold the nation’s first statewide vote on anti-discrimination protections for transgender people, prohibiting gender-based discrimination in public places. In Washington state, voters will decide on tightening gun control laws with an initiative that includes raising the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21 years.

Four states will also cast ballots on Medicaid expansion. If Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Utah all vote in support of their respective measures, it will be the highest number of states to expand in a single year since the option became available when Obamacare launched — and it would expand coverage to more than 300,000 low-income Americans, many living in deep-red states.

Voters in six states will also vote on versions of a Marsy’s Law, first enacted in California 10 years ago. The California law grants crime victims 17 rights in the judicial process, including tightening parole requirements and protecting victims from the defendants. Advocates argue that crime victims deserve the right to legal standing and knowledge over the defendant’s whereabouts during the legal process, while critics — including the ACLU — say Marsy’s Law undermines due process and puts a strain on court systems. Illinois, Ohio, and the Dakotas enacted similar laws in the past few years, and now the measure has reached the ballots in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.

Alabama and West Virginia will decide on ceasing to recognize and protect a woman’s right to have an abortion, while Oregonians may choose to ban public funding for the procedure. But unless the Supreme Court overrules Roe v.

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