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By Posted on March 14, 2019

Shares of Medicine Man Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:MDCL) have been consolidating around the $2 mark for about a month now. The company has put out some interesting developments since our last coverage back in January. As we take another look at the stock once again, we find that there’s a lot to like with Medicine Man and that new highs could be in the cards very shortly.

MDCL Daily Chart

MDCL Background

First up, a little background info for those that are not familiar with MDCL. Medicine Man Technologies is a fully integrated operator in the cannabis industry, offering consulting, retail pharma-grade products, and turnkey solutions for cannabis cultivators for over a decade. Medicine Man Technologies is leveraging its expertise and intellectual property to vertically integrate retail, cultivation, formulation, and distribution operations. The Company’s client portfolio includes active and past clients in 18 states and seven countries. The Company currently has or has had active clients in California, Iowa, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Germany, and South Africa.

Oral Strips

Medicine Man Technologies is in the process of acquiring MedPharm Holdings, LLC. At the end of January, MedPharm Holdings announced the successful formulation and development of micro-emulsified, cannabis-infused, dissolvable thin strips “Melts,” powered with their proprietary Lipophilic Enhanced Absorption Formulation (LEAF) technology. The oral strip is unique in that it microencapsulates cannabinoids in a water-soluble delivery system.

“Melts” is a dissolvable oral thin strip (similar to Listerine Pocketpaks) that allows for a consistent and exact cannabis dose, which isn’t available through smoking or vaping cannabis directly. When combined with micro-emulsification of cannabinoids into a water-soluble substrate, “Melts” also avoids some issues created

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