Medical marijuana dispensaries coming to downtown Springfield and Branson this spring – News-Leader

Roughly six months after licensed medical marijuana dispensaries started opening in Springfield, one is coming to the eastern edge of downtown.

Another location under the same branding will open just south of the Highway 76 strip in Branson, at the corner of Green Mountain and Wildwood drives.

That’s according to Greenlight Dispensary CEO John Mueller, who spoke to the News-Leader from his office near Kansas City Monday morning.

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A culture of ‘one-on-one connection’

Mueller said Greenlight’s tagline, “cannabis with culture,” is meant to express closeness with medical marijuana patients.

“The patients, you know, just don’t believe that they should be treated like a criminal,” Mueller said. “I just don’t believe in (situations) where you’ve got to got through big glass walls and all kinds of other stuff to serve a normal patient. So I think it’s more of a one-on-one connection, and connecting that patient with the person behind the counter.”

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