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Bills dealing with surprise medical billing, criminal justice reform and labor laws in Nevada are just some of what’s on tap for lawmakers as they gear up for the second half of the 2019 session.

Friday marks the first major deadline for bills to either pass out of committee or die. But with just five days left before that deadline, lawmakers are in for a week full of lengthy bill hearings and committee votes as they try to move as many bills as possible forward.

Lawmakers will hear at least two bills looking to address issues relating to surprise medical billing, as well as several other priority bills for legislative Democrats on labor and criminal justice reform.

But not every bill will make it out alive.

That includes Assembly Bill 389, which would have banned beekeeping in urban and suburban areas in Nevada.

Opponents to the backyard bee ban raised objections in a hearing Thursday. And by Friday morning, the bill’s original sponsor — state Sen. Keith Pickard, R-Henderson — had abandoned the legislation altogether. The bill is not expected to be voted on by the natural resources committee by Friday.

Controlling big bills

So what key bills are coming up this week?

Lawmakers will take up two bills dealing with the hot topic of surprise billing from insurance companies before Friday’s deadline.

Assembly Bill 372, up for a hearing Monday in the Assembly Health and Human Services committee, would ban insurance companies from billing for out-of-network costs to patients who did not think they could make it to an in-network facility in an emergency.

On Wednesday, that same committee will hear Assembly Bill 469, which goes slightly further in essentially prohibiting insurance companies from billing for out-of-network procedures.

In the criminal justice reform domain, Senate Bill 434, which deals

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