May 20, 2021 – KNPR

The idea of WeeDnD is both unique and familiar. How would you explain it to the average person?
It’s a cannabis-positive, collaborative storytelling experience. It’s a completely original show every week. It stars a cast of some of the finest entertainers from around Las Vegas. It’s a party.

That’s why Dungeons & Dragons as a medium is so interesting to me. It involves the visual medium of art and character art. It’s storytelling, the most ancient tradition we have as a species, arguably the best thing we do. It’s myth and morality and it’s a Shakespearean epic in an improvised game every week.

Why has Dungeons & Dragons made such a mainstream comeback in recent years?
The main thing that stopped people from playing Dungeons & Dragons is that they didn’t know how. And it’s hard to learn how to play if you can’t just see somebody do it. Now, because of YouTube, you can watch people do it. Once you see it, it looks fun and you want to do it with your friends. It’s like, “Oh yeah. That looks fun as shit.” Who doesn’t want to be a dwarf and throw a bottle at a dragon? Come on.

The stigma of nerds is gone now, too. Nerds are cool. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, it’s all mainstream. Nerds won the culture war. We won. Everybody’s favorite movies right now are comic book movies. People love magic again.

It’s not just that those movies were made, but how well they were made. Now think of it with D&D. When you watch a movie and you want a character to go right, they can’t. They always go left. With D&D, you’re in there. What do you want to do? Let’s see what happens. It’s full creative control in a safe setting to fail. You can

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