Marijuana Production Blunder Resulted in Jumbo THC Dose for Customers Expecting None; 3 Went to the ER, 1 Hospitalized – Centralia Chronicle

Mike Rogoway / (TNS)

People who took mislabeled wellness drops last month ended up ingesting several times a typical dose of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, according to Oregon regulators.

The people who took the Select-brand drops hadn’t anticipated getting high at all.

They thought they were using CBD, which has a negligible amount of THC. Manufacturer Curaleaf, one of the nation’s largest marijuana companies, has acknowledged that it somehow confused the two products, and both the mislabeled items are now subject to a mandatory state recall.

At least three people who took the high doses of the mislabeled marijuana products went to emergency rooms and at least one was hospitalized, according to lawsuits filed against Curaleaf. Two people say they were driving when they began feeling the effects of the surprise dose of THC.

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission says 13 people have reported ingesting the mislabeled drops.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Oregon since 2015, but marijuana products must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines. Curaleaf’s manufacturing blunder now represents a test of whether state regulators can police such mishaps and prevent their recurrence.

“There needs to be a stronger process in place so this doesn’t happen again. Because when it happened it was terrifying. You don’t know what is going on,” said Amy Cantu, who said she, her aunt, her mother and her 79-year-old grandfather all had severe reactions to the tainted drops, which they thought contained only CBD. They have jointly sued Curaleaf over the incident.

“The checks and balances aren’t quite there,” Cantu said.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is made from hemp but doesn’t usually contain enough THC for users to experience a high. Enthusiasts say CBD promotes a feeling of general health and reduces pain and anxiety. Cantu said that’s why she

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