Marijuana lounges, police use of force laws go into effect Friday – Las Vegas Review-Journal

CARSON CITY — The first day of October will see 46 new laws take effect, including those protecting distinctive hairstyles from discrimination, withholding casino winnings from people who owe child support and the authorization of marijuana consumption lounges.

Here’s the full list of new laws:

Business & commerce

Assembly Bill 61: Classifies robocalling and price-gouging during a state of emergency as deceptive trade practices and assigns penalties.

Assembly Bill 359: Requires translation of contracts and other business documents.

Senate Bill 260: Extends existing restrictions on website operators selling a user’s personal data to data brokers.


Assembly Bill 341: Authorizes cannabis consumption lounges.

Civil rights

Assembly Bill 58: Authorizes the attorney general to conduct so-called pattern and practice investigations of state and local agencies accused of discriminatory behavior.

Assembly Bill 157: Allows people to sue if someone calls the police on them based solely on their race, color, religion or other discriminatory reason.

Assembly Bill 207: Classifies online businesses as “places of public accommodation” for purposes of enforcing non-discrimination.

Senate Bill 327: Adds hairstyles to racially or ethnically distinctive traits protected from discrimination.

Criminal justice

Assembly Bill 143: Expands state services for human trafficking victims.

Assembly Bill 158: Reduces penalties for underage use and possession of marijuana or alcohol.

Assembly Bill 182: Revises the elements of an “advancing prostitution” charge against owners of property where illegal prostitution takes place.

Assembly Bill 214: Revises statutory definition of sexual assault to make it gender neutral. (Some sections took effect in July.)

Assembly Bill 396: Revises rules for use of deadly force by law enforcement.

Senate Bill 50: Limits issuance of no-knock warrants to law enforcement except to protect the public or a police officer or to prevent destruction of evidence.

Senate Bill 166: Changes felony hate crimes law to allow for perpetrator

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