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Earlier this year, the Clark County Commission budgeted an estimated $9.7 million taken from cannabis license fees for reducing homelessness. And on Tuesday, the Commission earmarked $1.8 million of that allotment to HELP of Southern Nevada to provide shelter and support for homeless youth and those still ailing after hospital visits.  

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“Our commission, they’re a bold bunch of people, and they took some leadership and initiative, and they knew there was an issue that needed additional financing to bring resources to the table to fill in some gaps and to do some innovative programming,” Mike Pawlak, director of Clark County Social Services, told KNPR’s State of Nevada.

Pawlak said the commission directed his department to funnel the money into programs that are already successful — and to do it swiftly.

“We were charged with getting it out the door quickly. And that’s why we are expanding existing programs that we know to perform and deliver very timely,” he said.

An estimated 6,000 people are homeless in Southern Nevada. At last count, more than 1,000 of those people were youth under the age of 25. 

Of the allocated money, $855,000 will fund 76 new beds for HELP’s Shannon West Youth Homeless Center and $930,000 is slated to sustain 60 beds for HELP’s rapid rehousing program for those just discharged from Valley hospitals 

Michelle Fuller-Hallauer is a manager at Clark County Social Services. She said those groups are just two among a myriad of subpopulations in the overall homeless population.

“Those absolutely are folks that we know have very unique needs and so we need programming that is specific to meet them where they are and to help move them to be in a healthier situation,” she said.

Health Plan of Nevada will be providing health care services for

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