Marijuana control board wins broad support at Nevada Legislature – Nevada Appeal

Representatives from law enforcement to the cannabis industry all praised the plan to regulate the industry in a framework based on Nevada’s successful gaming control system.

Assembly Bill 533 would set up a Cannabis Advisory Commission and the Cannabis Compliance Board mimicking the Gaming Commission and Gaming Control Board. The new agency would take over regulatory issues ranging from licensing to operation of dispensaries, growers, production of cannabis products and testing.

The actual tax collections from medical and retail cannabis products would remain the responsibility of the Department of Taxation.

“It’s long overdue for a Cannabis Compliance Board,” said Chuck Callaway representing the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which he said supports the new agency.

Callaway was joined by several other law enforcement agencies in supporting the plan.

“The growth of the industry is dependent on instilling confidence,” said Fernando Leal, owner and manager of dispensaries in Reno and Carson City. “This board will do that.”

He was joined by several other cannabis licensees.

Brin Gibson of the governor’s office, who headed the team that developed AB533, said the regulatory structure was modeled extensively after Nevada’s Gaming Commission and Control Board which he described as the best gaming regulatory system in the world.

One thorny issue in the mix is the coming of cannabis consumption lounges. Gibson said by and large, the issue of consumption lounges should be left to local governments — specifically county commissions. He said those bodies should set the regulations for lounges and license them but could be tougher than the state’s regulations.

Several local governments are considering authorizing consumption lounges in the wake of an LCB opinion that those lounges would not violate the statute barring public use of cannabis products because lounges aren’t public.

One of the biggest hangups facing the measure is the amendment

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