Manchester Police arrest knife wielding woman in Whiting –

A Whiting woman who was on her way to allegedly cause a confrontation at a family members house was arrested after carrying a large kitchen knife and stabbing a random car along the way in the Cedar Glen Lakes section of town.

Manchester Police said that as they responded to the Nevada Drive and Louisiana Way area on Monday they received a report of a woman “actively stabbing the hood of an occupied vehicle.”

The patrolman who was first on the scene made contact with the woman, later identified as 74-year old Margaret Dennis, who spotted her talking down the middle of Arizona Drive holding a large kitchen knife.

He asked her several times to drop the knife but she refused.

While he was talking to her though, another Manchester patrolman approached her undetected from behind and disarmed her by grabbing her hand and removing the knife without any injuries.

Dennis was then arrested and brought to Manchester Police Headquarters where she was charged with possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose and criminal mischief.

Police said that while they were investigating they learned “Dennis had stabbed a random passerby’s vehicle and was in the process of walking to a local family member’s residence to cause a confrontation.”

Following her arrest, Dennis was transported to Community Medical Center for treatment and evaluation.

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