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The U.S. Navy is offering a more in-depth explanation about why it decided earlier this year to expand its ban on CBD and hemp products to include topicals like shampoos and lotions.

In a post published last week, the military branch said that it enacted the change in July in order “to ensure the integrity of the Navy’s drug policy.” It “bans use of any hemp product or product derived from hemp and violations can occur without regard to intended physical or mental consequences of the use.”

“The move was done to protect Sailors from potential tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) exposure that could negatively impact mission readiness and disqualify a Sailor from continued service,” it states. “It is impossible for consumers to determine how much THC a product actually contains in the current environment where label claims are not trustworthy.”

Further, the Department of Defense (DOD) is not in a position to test individual hemp products to determine the accuracy of labels, the Navy said.

Sailors, stay informed. #ICYMI: CBD Product Ban Expanded to Include Lotions, Topical Applications

— U.S. Navy (@USNavy) September 8, 2020

The branch acknowledged that hemp and its derivatives, including CBD, were federally legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill. But it said that their policy stands regardless in an effort to “ensure there is no unknowing consumption of any THC amount.”

“This really is about the health of the force and ensuring the Navy remains a drug-free workplace,” LA Parker, the head of Navy’s Drug Detection and Deterrence program, said in a press release. “We have to be fit to fight and can’t take a risk in allowing our Sailors to consume or use these types of products.”

The notice stipulates that service members are still allowed to use cannabis-derived prescription medication approved by

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