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From skin products to easing arthritis to quieting yappy dogs, CBD, the substance in the marijuana plant that doesn’t intoxicate, is all the rage and on the shelf at a store near you. 

But if regulators have their way, it won’t be on the floor at the show, which opens Friday at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The industry trade show will generate tourism revenue for Southern Nevada and millions of dollars in deals between distributors and retailers.

While not all CBDs are created equal — some are derived from hemp and others from cannabis — all forms are unwelcome on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

“The LVCVA communicates to show organizers that CBD and Marijuana products are not allowed on the show floor,” says Amanda Peters, spokeswoman for the Convention Center. “We treat hemp the same way we treat cannabis. They are both illegal at the federal level and therefore not allowed on our campus.”

But hemp, codified as part of the farm bill passed by Congress in December 2018, is legal for some uses. 

Peters says “the team is aware of that decision.”

“That is the stupidest policy I have ever heard,” Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom, who championed legalization of cannabis in Nevada, told the Current. “Hemp CBD is legal under federal and state law and LVCVA needs to get real.” 

“Under federal law the farm bill did legalize hemp but it says the USDA and FDA have to weigh in,” says Cassandra Farrington, CEO and Co-Founder of MJBizDaily, which produces a marijuana trade show at the Convention Center in December. “Until the USDA and FDA weigh in, ingestible products are not allowed.”

“People who are putting CBD in a lip

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