Luxury American Cannabis Brand Her Highness To Launch In Canada And Beyond – Forbes

Her Highness, a luxury cannabis brand with operations in several states in the United States, has announced that they will be expanding into both Canada and other countries. This comes off the heels of a rapid expansion during the pandemic era, during which Her Highness landed in five new states, including Colorado.

Founded by serial-entrepreneurs Laura Eisman and Allison Krongard, Her Highness claims to be purpose-driven with a mission to educate women on the benefits of cannabis through a suite of sophisticated products. Her Highness retails CBD and cannabis accessories online nationwide while their THC line is either available or coming soon throughout California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Thoughtful features targeted towards women, in particular, include extra-long pre-roll tips to avoid burned hair. 

I checked in with Eisman and Krongard on the eve of their international expansion.

Can you give me a brief history of your brand and how you’ve grown since your last Forbes appearance

We’ve expanded beyond California dispensaries into Nevada and Massachusetts, we’re in production for Her Highness launches in Colorado and Canada, in contract to launch THC in Ohio and Pennsylvania later this year, and in negotiations for several other states. We’ve also expanded our hemp CBD and accessory collections to include more products sold in museum stores, fashion boutiques, design stores and in wellness. 

Tell me briefly about some of the product features of your THC line that make the brand stand out.

LE: Developing products with the mindset that women deserve ownership of their own product offerings begins with knowing the female lifestyle. We reinvented the pre roll to be more useful, elegant, and joyful to a female user – a long 40mm crutch so our fingers don’t touch the weed, (clear the $65 mani), .5g because we like less flower, yet elongated because we don’t want the

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