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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — With the new year coming in just days, some changes and additions to state laws regarding guns, marijuana and vaping will soon take effect. Here’s a look and some changes coming in 2020.


If you’re a gun owner, there will be some things to keep in mind.

Starting the first of the new year, an amendment to Assembly Bill 291 allows family members to go to court and ask a judge to temporarily bar someone from accessing firearms if they’re a danger to themselves or others, commonly known as a “red flag law.”

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“It is an overreach of government power and it strips due process and other constitutional rights,” said Cody Cunningham back in May, expressing opposition to the law.

“Most of the time it is family members who are very, very concerned that someone in the family circle is threatening to harm themselves or others,” said retired nurse, and supporter of the law, Teresa Crawford when she spoke with 13 Action News in May.

The gun show loophole will also be closed in the state as well. This requires almost all private gun sales be run through a state background check, by a federally licensed firearm dealer.


If you’ve tested positive for marijuana, employers can’t use that against you in a hiring process in most cases.


Nevada is the first state to ban employers from refusing to hire those who fail a marijuana test. Exceptions, though, apply to firefighters and EMT’s, or those applying for jobs that require someone to operate a motor vehicle or jobs with the federal government.


If you enjoy vaping, you now won’t be able to do it indoors in most public places and businesses.

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