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CARSON CITY (KTNV) — UPDATE APRIL 15: A popular local dispensary spoke to 13 Action News about Governor Steve Sisolak’s announcement of a new bill to shift taxes from marijuana sales directly to education.

“This is something that helps I think give the citizens of Nevada what they expected when the tax was originally implemented. I hear that question all the time where is all the cannabis money we don’t see it in the schools, and this mechanism gets it out of the rainy day fund,” said Brandon Wiegand, director of operations at the source dispensaries.

Currently, the marijuana sales tax goes into the state’s rainy day fund and if this bill passes that money would go directly to education.

Another bill to help education would allow counties to raise the sales tax by a quarter percent.

Two proposed changes in Carson City could help add extra funding for education.

Governor Steve Sisolak and Democratic leaders highlighted a new bill and changes to an existing bill that could add more money into schools accounts.

The first, a change to AB 309 would allow county commissions to raise the sales tax by .25 percent to support education.

It is unclear if county commissioners would approve the tax increase.

Some critics have said the bill would allow schools to use money set aside for textbooks on other expenses.

The second is SB 545 addresses the big thing most parents have brought up.

That is it would move money from the marijuana sales tax directly to education, instead of the state’s rainy day fund.

The money sent to the rainy day fund is currently offset by a fixed amount of money provided to schools from the state’s general fund.

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