LGBTQ-owned California weed brands for Pride Month 2021 – California News Times

It’s worth noting that as Pride Month progresses, legal cannabis, not only in California but across the country, has a great obligation to thank the LGBTQ community.

This is because activists are fighting for access to medical marijuana for terminally ill patients during the HIV / AIDS epidemics of the 1980s and 1990s (most notably). Dennis Peron) Helped California enact the first medical marijuana law in 1996. Law).

“We can draw a direct line from the work of these weird activists at this particular time, and the legalization that created the modern cannabis industry in California,” said co-founder of the Los Angeles-based cannabis brand. Andrew Freeman said. His partner (inside and outside the business) Drew Martin Gosselin and another business partner. “But it can feel a bit forgotten in its history, especially when you look at Queer’s representation in today’s cannabis space, which tends to be straight, white, and male. This is the product. It does not reflect the demographics of the people who consume it, nor does it reflect the people who fought for the decriminalization and legalization of factories. ”

Given that the legitimate cannabis movement is deeply rooted in the gay activist community, Freeman believes that the LGBTQ-founded brand must play an even bigger role. “I think today’s queer-owned businesses have unique opportunities and responsibilities to continue the work that started generations ago,” he said. “The struggle for decriminalization and legalization led by these activists is closely linked to today’s struggle to repair the damage caused by the war on drugs to the black and brown communities.”

Recognizing the LGBTQ community’s contribution to cannabis commerce and culture, here’s a look at some of the cannabis brands founded, owned, or operated by Golden State Queer. Just in case.

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Run by a team of brothers

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