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An apology to the readers, especially the Republicans

I apologize to the readers, especially Republicans, of “Pahrump Valley Times” for personal attacks I have made against Republicans, including, but not limited to Mr. Jaronik.

In a free society we should all be able to express our beliefs without being attacked on a personal level.

Jim Ferrell

Well, it’s finally happening, but let’s still be careful

Well, states are finally opening up. The trade-off is that people are being asked to wear masks and gloves outside. These rules are very confusing. Most stores in Nevada, including Walmart, Smith’s and Albertsons require masks and gloves for employees and are encouraging shoppers to wear masks too. Gloves appear to be optional. So if we are all trying to do the right thing, why am I suddenly seeing gloves and masks thrown on the ground right outside the stores? When you wear them, dispose of them properly, preferably at home.

Seniors are a unique group that should set a good example for younger generations. Social distancing, wear masks, wash your hands, and use sanitizer and wipes when you are in a group. Continue to do this when we can travel again. Please remember to be kind to the workers who serve us in stores. They enable us to live well because they provide food, prescriptions and other necessities. Why then did I hear a senior recently berate a manager in Walmart for not having a certain kind of onion? Instead, give them a big “Thank you.”

Right now we are hearing about the next round of the virus from the newscasters. Slow down and don’t rush on to what is next! None of us knows the future. Right now, I am planning to enjoy this summer. Finally, I look forward to the time when

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