Legalization of recreational marijuana: Ohio next? –

Lima-Ohio could become the next state to join the ever-growing list of legalized recreational marijuana.

Over the last decade, there have been radical reforms in marijuana law across the country. 19Status, And Guam and Washington, DC have somehow legalized or are in the process of legalizing recreational marijuana for people over the age of 21. The movement is gaining momentum, although each state has different regulations. Especially recently. New York, Virginia, New Mexico and Connecticut all approved legalization measures in 2021 alone.

The accusation against Oho is led by a coalition that regulates marijuana such as alcohol, and in order to submit a bill to Columbus, it is necessary to collect 130,000 petition signatures. If they get their signatures, Congress has four months to decide whether to pass or reject the bill.

If the Ohio General Assembly chooses to pass nothing, the coalition will need to generate an additional 130,000 signatures to maintain hope for marijuana reform in Ohio. If so, this issue will be addressed by the Ohio in the 2022 general election.

Coalition spokesman Tom Harlen said his group was eager to pass the bill in the Ohio General Assembly.

“We are really confident that it will pass the General Assembly. We are focused on doing that,” he said. “I think this will come somehow when lawmakers see our proposals, when they talk to voters, and if we can sit down and explain to them. The problem is really” Will DC bureaucrats make this decision, or will Ohio people make this decision? ” I hope they support our proposal. “

This proposal was created by combining various elements. Harlen said the coalition is reviewing other state best practices that have legalized recreational marijuana and is using Ohio’s current medical marijuana law as a foundation.

Ohio also aims to

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