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Welcome to Leafly’s Strain of the day! In celebration of 420, we’ll be highlighting a new strain every weekday in April until the 20th.

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Justin Sund, Producer, Leafly

If sculptor Gutzon Borglum was tasked with carving a Mount Rushmore of cannabis, the first chisel would be struck on the face of Blue Dream. You can’t deny it. Look me straight into my dry, bloodshot eyes and tell me that wouldn’t be true.

Here at Leafly nobody wanted to touch this article. Nobody here wants to write a strain review about our friend Blue Dream and here’s why: It’s not cool to like Blue Dream. We’ve all moved on from that old chestnut, right? We’re more boujee than that now.

But, I think Blue Dream is secretly in most folks’ cannabis pantheon. Ultimately, I think we’re all too chickenshit to admit that Blue Dream could possibly be the most perfect strain of the modern marijuana movement. Certainly one of the most important.

So why are we afraid to admit it’s awesome? I believe it’s because Blue Dream is intrinsically tied to our coming-of-age story with cannabis. It reminds me of the first craft beer I ever drank: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. 


What is myrcene and what does this cannabis terpene do?

As I took my first few sips, the floral bubbles tickled my taste buds and my brain foamed with delight. This isn’t Bud Light or Olympia or Grain Belt, this is something completely different. And in that moment my eyes were opened so wide that I couldn’t help but look around and notice, “Hey, there’s MORE to this goddamn world!”

I think many of us had a similar moment with

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