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Tick Segerblom, the Nevada legislator and legalization leader, is making a transition from state to local government after being elected to the Clark County Commission earlier this month. But his intent to advancing legalization of the plant across the Silver State remains as strong as ever.

‘The goal is to get these pot lounges up and running, get marijuana out of our casinos and hotels.’

Tick Segerblom, Clark County Commissioner-elect

Segerblom led a seven-member cohort of Nevada legislators to San Francisco last week, including five representatives from Nevada’s state assembly and a North Las Vegas councilman. After the trip, Segerblom said cannabis consumption lounges could open in unincorporated Clark County—which encompasses the Las Vegas Strip and the majority of Southern Nevada’s over 2 million residents—just months after his term starts in January.

“I want to be involved in drafting the ordinance,” Segerblom said. “The goal is to get these pot lounges up and running, get marijuana out of our casinos and hotels, and get it off the streets.”

Monday’s one-day fact-finding tour began with a two-hour conference at San Francisco City Hall with the city’s Office of Cannabis. Agency director Nicole Elliott said local government’s lead has allowed San Francisco’s lounges to thrive without explicit permission from California state authorities.

With cannabis lounges, San Francisco has preferred to ask forgiveness rather than permission from the state.

A traditionally progressive city, San Francisco has preferred to ask for forgiveness on cannabis lounges rather than permission. Elliott and colleague Israel Nieves-Rivera said they believed the facilities could be tweaked little-by-little to meet state requirements while providing a safe and legal location for consumers to enjoy cannabis products. The first quasi-legal consumption lounges—allowed by local ordinance and not explicitly prohibited by state law—opened as early as 2008.

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