Lakewood close to giving approval for two medical marijuana dispensaries –

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — GTI (Green Thumb Industries) Ohio LLC plans on opening two medical marijuana dispensaries in Lakewood. The Chicago-based company has proposed construction of two RISE stores on undeveloped lots at 11818 Madison Avenue and 18607 Detroit Avenue.

Both locations received approval from the Lakewood Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review. Work can begin once construction documents are approved by the Lakewood Building Department.

“We love Northeast Ohio, we like the city of Cleveland and we figured that Lakewood, given the population density, would provide an opportunity to serve a large patient community,” GTI Ohio LLC Manager Adam Robbins said.

“We believe the locations are in a good spot for the Northeast Ohio community with easy accessibility from the interstate.”

With 17 existing locations in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Illinois and Nevada, GTI Ohio LLC earlier this year was awarded five Ohio provisional licenses, which allow for the opening of dispensaries in Lakewood, as well as downtown Cleveland (currently under construction), Lorain and Toledo.

“These sites are for the retail of medical cannabis only,” Robbins said. “There will be no production, no cultivation at these locations. It’s just for the dispensing of medical cannabis. All the medical cannabis will be sourced locally from the state of Ohio from the license cultivators and manufacturers that won their application through the Ohio department of Commerce, which is the body overseeing of cultivation and processing.

“The medical marijuana will be sold to regular patients and patient caregivers as part of the Ohio Medical Marijuana program. So, not just anybody can walk into these facilities.”

GTI Ohio LLC hopes to open both Lakewood locations towards the end of 2019.

Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers felt it was inevitable that Lakewood would have license applicants.

“Consequently, we created and ultimately approved ordinances that compensate

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