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LADY BUDS” – the highly anticipated feature documentary film about six courageous women transitioning to the licensed cannabis market – is planning a special weekend of Sneak Preview Community Screenings and Events on October 1st and October 2nd at 5:30pm at the Minor Theatre in Arcata, CA. Ahead of its scheduled US Premiere at the upcoming Mill Valley Film Festival, the filmmakers wanted to share the film with the community at the heart of the story first, and celebrate the local sheroes featured in the film.

“The journey of making “LADY BUDS” began in Humboldt in 2017, when I was invited to visit a cannabis farm for the first time. After spending a few weeks in the area and meeting some of the locals who had been cultivating for decades, I could see how imperative it was to document this moment of historic transformation. I was witnessing the impacts of legalization on a very personal level, through the eyes of some of the inspiring women who have been the backbone of the community. I knew this was an important story that no one seemed to be telling,” says Director Chris J. Russo.

Following the widely praised 2016 decision to legalize cannabis in California, six women emerge from the shadows to enter the new commercial industry. As farmers, entrepreneurs and activists, these modern-day pioneers find their initial optimism is quickly replaced with uncertainty and fear as the new legislation favors deep pocketed corporations. Those who shaped the foundations of the cannabis industry for decades soon find themselves struggling to fight for their piece of the American Dream in a market they helped create.

“LADY BUDS” features beloved Humboldt locals The Bud Sisters (Pearl Moon and Dr. Joyce Cenfofanti) and serial entrepreneur Karyn Wagner, second-generation cannabis farmer Chiah Rodriques, 72-year old African-American retired Catholic school principal

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