Just a few short years ago, the notion of luxury might have seemed completely incompatible with cannabis’s d – mg Cannabis Retailer

Just a few short years ago, the notion of luxury might have seemed completely incompatible with cannabis’s dank aesthetic and anti-establishment roots. Yet today, as commercialization strips the plant of its longtime cultural context and repackages it for new consumers, luxury cannabis has arrived.

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Elevate Jane
Long Beach, California, boutique Elevate Jane caters to upscale consumers with sophisticated, if sometimes quirky, tastes. Owner Angela Mou seeks out artisan-made, one-of-a-kind items—like this antique furniture customized for displaying cannabis accessories—that blend aesthetics with utility, destigmatizing cannabis use by subtly incorporating chic, functional pieces into everyday life. ElevateJane.com

Family-owned Narvona’s flower is certifiably upmarket. The company received a cultivation license in June 2018 and now harvests 150 pounds a week; each weekly harvest wholesales for about $15,000. Available as flower and pre-rolls, Narvona’s three strains target consumers seeking effects, not playful names. The products’ packaging stands out for its elegant simplicity. (Michigan) Narvona.com

Le Mirage
Discreet, dosable, refillable, and child-resistant, Le Mirage isn’t Hervé’s usual pâtisserie creation. The company calls the patented new offering a “luxury sweet.” Stylishly presented in a twist-up tube slightly larger than a lipstick, each stick of sublingual bites contains five doses that can be bitten off one at a time, adding a playful element to Hervé’s otherwise traditional line. (Nevada) Hervedibles.com

Hervé Macarons
Hervé’s classic French pastry is indulgent from package to palate. Made by hand in the French tradition of excruciating attention to detail, each macaron is a work of art that’s almost too pretty to eat. Try merchandising these treats as though they were precious jewels. (Nevada) Hervedibles.com

MAE Collection
MAE, an acronym for Mind at Ease, is a design-centric luxury brand from the founder of A.L.C. and former

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