June through September mark the '100 deadliest days' on valley roadways – KTNV Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – KTNV — The Nevada Highway Patrol and Office of Traffic Safety are urging drivers to be extra aware on the roadways this summer, as this season is marked the ‘100 Deadliest Days’ on Valley roadways.

The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day usually see an increase in travel, more tourism, and more fatal crashes than any other time of year. The office of traffic safety has launched phase 3 of their ‘Save Yourself’ campaign to make sure drivers are as defensive as possible on Nevada Highways.

Phase 3 of Save Yourself launched during the 100 Deadliest Days, a historically fatal time on Nevada’s roadways, with special focus on alcohol and marijuana impaired driving behaviors.

Following a year with a strong emphasis on how personal decisions can affect the community as a whole, the third phase of “Save Yourself” encourages vulnerable road users to Always Drive Sober, ultimately creating a domino effect in eliminating roadway fatalities all together.Driving under the influence is the leading cause of roadway fatalities with 50 percent of Nevada’s crashes being attributed to impaired driving.Although the illegal Blood Alcohol Concentration limit is 0.08% and above, having a BAC as low as .02% can affect an individual’s driving ability. Combined with the scorching summer temperatures, an individual’s BAC can rise more rapidly, especially when they are dehydrated and in the sun.It is important for the public to understand that impairment is a multi-faceted problem that goes beyond alcohol. Any substance that hinders your judgment or ability to drive should not be consumed before getting behind the wheel –because Lives Are On The Line44 motorists lost their lives in alcohol-related fatalities in 2019—13 percent more than the previous year. To prevent such an unnecessary loss of life, we are imploring drivers to Always Drive Sober,

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