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The Strip’s popular nightclubs and day clubs are big moneymakers.

But from time to time, they get into trouble with the Gaming Control Board for allegations of everything from illegal drug use to sex trafficking.

John L. Smith isn’t a club-goer but knows the value of these clubs to the casino business and just how watchful Gaming Control has become over them.

“Remember, of course, it’s a licensed privileged industry,” he said, “And people can create violations by not paying enough attention to what’s going on on their own property.”

But it is usually not the casino company that owns and operates the clubs, they’re usually owned and operated by a company that specializes in operating nightclubs. 

That will not exempt a casino operator from fines if Metro Police finds illegal activity going on.

But Smith admits it is a difficult industry to regulate because of the basic nature of the Las Vegas Strip.

“The nature of the Strip is – let’s face it – the message we send the world is, let’s party, anything goes… we do a lot of winking on the Strip about what goes and what doesn’t go. It has always been a line that people have had to dance on here,” he said.

Smith quipped that a nightclub in Las Vegas is not a junior high dance. Adults are here to have a good time doing adult things.

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But those adult activities have in the past lead to problems like drug use, including in the 90s when there were some high profile overdoses.

Nowadays, the problem is marijuana. The drug is legalized in the state, but not allowed in Strip casinos. Smith said the nightclubs must walk a fine line. The solution he believes is consumption lounges, but those have not

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