Joe Biden walks back marijuana ‘gateway drug’ comment after week of criticism – The Boston Globe


Biden denied that he made the claim in the first place.

“I didn’t,” he said. “I said some say pot was a gateway drug.”

After noting that he supports decriminalization, expunging prior records, releasing those incarcerated for marijuana offenses, and rescheduling the plant, the former vice president formally walked back his position on whether existing scientific research demonstrates that cannabis leads to the use of other substances.

“I don’t think it is a gateway drug,” he said. “There’s no evidence I’ve seen to suggest that.”

Here’s @JoeBiden‘s full answer to me on whether he was wrong to suggest pot might be a gateway drug at a recent Las Vegas town hall.

“I don’t think it is a gateway drug. There’s no evidence I’ve seen that suggests that,” he said.

— Megan Messerly (@meganmesserly) November 25, 2019

“That has been my position and continues to be my position,” he said.

“With regard to the total legalization of it, there are some in the medical community who say it needs to be made a Schedule II drug so there can be research studies, as not whether it is a gateway drug but whether or not it, when used in other combinations, may have a negative impact on people overcoming other problems, including in fact on young people in terms of brain development — a whole range of things that are beyond my expertise. There are serious medical folks who say we should study it more. Not that we should make it illegal, that we should be in a position where we criminalize it but where we should look at it.”


These latest comments are a lot different from what the former vice president said just last week. At the town hall,

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