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With the speed of today’s news cycle, it’s easy to miss a story as it comes and goes. This is especially true as we plunge into election season, with the democrat contenders of 2020 going out and trying to convince voters that they’re right for the job. 

One week, we were talking about one contender attacking another’s record on crime. 

Another week, it was repeated coverage on an embarrassing gaffe during a speech. 

On a recent slow day, news obsessed over how candidates ate turkey legs at the Iowa State Fair. 

With all of these stories coming and going as they do, it’s easy to miss something. 

And that’s exactly what happened with one democratic candidate and his plan for making marijuana legal. 

In Case You Missed It 

Last week, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont appeared on the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The two had an hour-long, freeform conversation that covered a number of topics. At one point, the conversation focused on the status of legal marijuana in many states. Specifically, Senator Sanders was asked what could be done to make it legal at the federal level. 

His response covered areas that you might already know about if you frequent these pages. Namely, he talked about the absurdity of how marijuana is considered to be as deadly as heroin. He also mentioned how, for years, the criminal justice system has pursued those who have been found to be in possession of the drug. His response to the question ended with the following words: 

“You can argue the plusses and minuses of marijuana, but marijuana ain’t heroin. So we have to end that and that’s what I will do as President of the United States. I believe we can do that through executive order and I will do

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