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Consumption lounges and other public spaces. We might have forgotten what it feels like to get together, but cannabis advocates haven’t. Two new bills have been introduced to the Nevada Assembly that would legalize social consumption in public places.

Happy 420!

Assembly Bill 341, introduced by Rep. Steve Yeager, would legalize (and regulate) cannabis consumption lounges. Additionally, AB322 would allow for the sale and consumption of cannabis at live events. This one has three primary sponsors and five co-sponsors, so it seems to be popular.

Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom would like to see even more permissive public consumption laws. “I think we’re ready to really blow the doors off this thing,” Segerblom says. “If we do soon, we can be the marijuana capital of the world.”

Legal consumption lounges could also help curb the flood of tourists smoking outdoors on the Strip and on Fremont Street. Since they can’t smoke in hotels, they have no choice but to smoke outside. “I get complaints all the time … about marijuana smoke on the Strip,” says Segerblom, whose district contains that resort corridor. “The truth is, the hotels really force it, because they prohibited lounges in the last session.”

Segerblom says he would like to see the county create outdoor spaces on the Strip where tourists could consume cannabis.

DUI Laws. Unlike with alcohol, there’s no technology to detect marijuana impairment. So law enforcement has been working with an ad hoc solution: Whether or not they’re impaired, a driver whose blood tests positive for marijuana will be convicted of a DUI. The problem is that marijuana can remain in the blood for longer than it affects the brain.

Nevada Judiciary Committee Chair Steve Yeager (D-Las Vegas) presented a solution on March 29 with Nevada Assembly Bill 400. This legislation

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