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It’s a tough industry to work in, especially when the goalposts keep changing.

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June 29, 2021 5 min read

This story originally appeared on Marijuana Venture

It was 2017 and Nevada had just made recreational cannabis legal. As a recruiter for the agricultural industry, I remember thinking to myself: Where are they going to find employees in an industry that does not exist?

This is a tough industry to work in, especially when it’s new and the goalposts keep changing. However, once you gain a fundamental understanding of the industry, you can learn to adapt and build a foundation that can get you through any changes or difficulties that may arise. When it comes to staffing, here are a few things I learned along the way.

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Finding the best employees

1. Experience does not always equal the best: Most growers want the “best” trimmers, so they often hire the most experienced candidates and pay high salaries. Even though experienced workers don’t necessarily exist yet on a large scale, there are people who are knowledgeable about horticulture trimming and packaging consumer products. It is counterintuitive, but I have found the most experienced cannabis workers are not necessarily “the best.” I have seen very high turnover because the pay scale is not what the experienced workers were expecting. When hiring inexperienced people, expectations are minimal, and they often view the opportunity as a fresh start at a new career.

2. Look for talent in unexpected places: Finding good, affordable talent in a new industry is a lot harder than anyone realizes, especially in an industry where experience, on a large scale, doesn’t exist. This can

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