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MedMen Enterprises Inc. (OTCQX: MMNFF) stock price entered a strange routine that is taking it up and down in an almost completely precise pattern. The price has been behaving like this for the past six months, ever since November 2018. This behavior is also in contrast to what the price was like in 2018 as well. While the value is relatively close to what it looked like a year ago, the pattern has changed after a massive surge that started in early August, taking MMNFF price from $3 to $5 by late September.

However, this was only a minor increase compared with what came next, when MedMen stock price went from $4 to $7.50 in a matter of days. It declined almost equally as fast, and after attempting another surge, it went back to its former bottom at $3, where its new pattern started — trying to grow, only to drop back down and try again in a seemingly infinite loop.

About MedMen Enterprises

MedMen is the preeminent cannabis firm that operates throughout the US. The company has its own facilities, assets, and operations in various countries, including New York, Florida, Nevada, and California. Their facilities are licensed and allowed to cultivate, create, and sell cannabis and cannabis-based products. In fact, their brand is one of the most well-known ones around the world.

The company was founded in 2010 in Los Angeles, California, from which it expanded, and it currently employs over 800 people. Its founders were two entrepreneur visionaries, Andrew Modlin and Adam Bierman. The two entrepreneurs realized that various states are moving towards marijuana legalization and this will be a very profitable, and yet untapped field very quickly.

However, legalized or not, marijuana will still have to fight to re-define its relationship with the society itself. MedMen wishes

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