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Health insurance covers a wide range of treatments. Some policies even cover alternative treatments like acupuncture. It doesn’t cover medical marijuana, however. Learn more about medical marijuana, what it treats and why it’s not covered by medical insurance.

Quick Answer: Medical Marijuana and Health Insurance

Is medical marijuana covered by health insurance? The short answer here is no. Because marijuana is still federally illegal, healthcare coverage providers have their hands tied when it comes to offering insurance coverage for medical marijuana as a prescription drug. That being said, doctors can help you get your medical marijuana card or recommend medical marijuana as a treatment in states where it’s legal. It’s likely that until marijuana’s scheduled status is changed and the FDA is able to review it and approve it as a

Is Medical Marijuana Effective as Health Care?

Many people use medical marijuana to treat a variety of conditions. Pain control is the most common, according to the Harvard Health blog. Many use it to treat chronic pain from arthritis, nerve pain and multiple sclerosis. 

Some treatments for pain are addictive or sedating. For example, opiates are addictive, and it’s possible to overdose on them. Opioid-use disorder is a problem in many areas of the country. Pain medications that are sedating make it difficult to complete daily activities, so medical marijuana is an appealing alternative. 

People with Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, endometriosis and cancer also use medical marijuana. Cancer patients use it to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. It’s also been found to be effective for relieving the symptoms of HIV/AIDS and cancer. 

Some have also found it effective for mental health conditions like PTSD, depression and anxiety. 


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