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The Bright Future of CURLF Stock

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Curaleaf Holdings Inc (CSNX:CURA OTCMKTS:CURLF). Curaleaf stock has been a winner for investors since I first wrote about it a few years back.

But as is the case with any asset, there comes a time when CURLF stock must be reevaluated to see if it still has potential or if it’s time to cash out and move on.

What’s the current situation with Curaleaf Holdings Inc? In my view, the sky is still very much the limit for this premier marijuana stock.

So, what makes Curaleaf stock such an exciting prospect in the first place?


As I’ve said before, it all boils down to one word: geography.

How so? Well, Curaleaf Holdings Inc is based in the U.S.

That’s hardly a unique position; the number of U.S.-based marijuana companies in the past few years has grown exponentially. Being based in the U.S. alone isn’t what makes CURLF stock special.

Rather, what makes the company special is that it’s been leveraging its position as a major player to expand across the country.

While other pot companies have been content to sit tight and make a few quick bucks off the hype surrounding the marijuana market, Curaleaf Holdings Inc has been aggressive in its acquisition and expansion strategy.

Chart courtesy of

Curaleaf’s wide network of marijuana stores and production facilities has uniquely situated the company to profit immensely when federal U.S. marijuana legalization eventually becomes a reality.

Of course, we don’t know when that will occur, but we do know that, with each state-level legalization of marijuana, Curaleaf Holdings Inc has become increasingly aggressive about expanding.

Its moves are indicative of an ambitious company with revenues that can

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