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If you’re a regular pot smoker, if you take edibles, or maybe cannabis oil is your thing now that recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, get ready. 

County Commissioner Tick Segerblom wants to raise the sales tax on marijuana to its 3 percent limit. Segerblom explained that currently most marijuana businesses are paying the top limit of 3 percent but there is a small fraction that is not.

He wants to make it so the smaller grow, production and dispensary facilities also pay 3 percent taxes.

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He also wants to tax each portion of a vertically integrated facility, which means someone who owns the growing, production and dispensary facilities. Right now, owners are taxed on 3 percent of everything.

Segerblom says currently the county raises $10 million a year in marijuana taxes and this would about $2 million to that account.

“The county commission has already delegated the first $12 million to homeless,” he said.

Segerblom said the money would specifically go to services for homeless youth and families.

The tax increase hasn’t been approved yet. Segerblom brushed off the idea that a price increase will push people back into the black market. 

“They’ve seen in other states that over time the black market tends to decrease as people learn about the availability. They learn about the difference between the black market and stuff that’s in our system,” he said.

In addition, Segerblom said the tax increase would only be at maximum a 1 percent. He doesn’t believe that will make much of a difference in the cost of products.

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