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May 4, 2021 5 min read

This story originally appeared on MarijuanaStocks
2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch For Your May Watchlist

For those who invest or want to invest in marijuana stocks keep in mind that it’s a volatile sector. For instance, just a week ago marijuana stocks were starting to build back their trading momentum and now they have dipped back down. However, all is not lost as there is now another chance to buy top marijuana stocks off of the dip. This will give new and seasoned investors a better position to see more gains once marijuana stocks start to rise once more.

As well there is a great deal of progress that is happening on a state level that might work in some favor for multi-state operators. For instance, New York who recently went legal is set to make $245 million every year. As well as Illinois breaking another record for cannabis sales in April. More success for legal states creates space for MSO cannabis companies to come in and do business within these legal states.

As well with more states that go legal, it may also resonate well in the market for how cannabis stocks trade. At times when good news or more progress happens for a company or the cannabis industry overall, it can impact how some marijuana stocks move in the market. You want to make sure you keep up to date with all current news and any market info.

This may play a part in someone’s investment choice to buy marijuana stocks. Especially with how volatile the market can be and watch for times like now where

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