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October 11, 2019

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Two Ukrainian associates of Rudy Giuliani were arrested on Wednesday night and charged with funneling foreign money into US elections, an illegal activity. The headlines have been dominated by the pair’s alleged donations to a pro-Trump super PAC last year, but there’s another charge hidden in the indictment that has left some in the cannabis industry—and many in the state of Nevada—scratching their heads. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman weren’t just courting influence within Trump circles. They also allegedly donated foreign cash to a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Nevada, with the aim of gaining one of the state’s highly coveted cannabis licenses. But those who know politics and cannabis in Nevada are bemused by the fact that the Ukrainians targeted Adam Paul Laxalt: He’s one of the most anti-cannabis politicians in the American West.

Before running for Nevada governor last year, Laxalt spent his four years as the state’s attorney general fighting against legal cannabis.

A Republican, Laxalt denounced Nevada’s retail sales initiative during the 2016 campaign cycle, arguing among other things that edibles would endanger children and that the initiative put “profit over public health.”


Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine fixers indicted in US cannabis corruption scheme

When his campaign to stop legalization failed, Laxalt became the only attorney general from adult-use states at the time to not sign a letter sent to leaders in Congress in favor of the SAFE Banking Act, in January 2018. That same month, when former US AG Jeff Sessions infamously repealed the Cole and Wilkinson Memos, Laxalt stopped short of taking a clear position.

“My office has expeditiously facilitated the implementation of the (retail cannabis) law in the face of considerable uncertainty about the

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