In US v Parnas and Kukushkin Trial Nevada AG Candidate Duncan CBP and Pot Lawyer Testify – Inner City Press

Now 1st US witness, Wesley Duncan, 40, lawyer, OSU. AUSA: What did you do after The Ohio State University law school? Duncan: Air Force JAG Corps. Then prosecutor in Las Vegas.

 Duncan: I also worked in the Nevada AG’s office. Then I ran against Adam Laxalt for the position. AUSA: Did you win? Duncan: I did not.

 Duncan: This is a photo of me in Elko, Nevada. AUSA: We offer GX 70-a-2.  Who’s in it? Duncan: Elko chief of police and to my left, a man in sunglasses. AUSA: Who was he? Duncan: After I met Mr. Parnas and Mr. Fruman, this gentleman. Mr Trump was there.

AUSA: Why did you think Parnas had money for your campaign? Duncan: Scott Will told me he was giving. AUSA: Did you dine with them?

Duncan: Yes, at Pierro’s in Las Vegas. AUSA: What did you discuss with Mr. Parnas? Duncan: He was interested in a marijuana license.

After some A/V technical difficulties, now 2d US witness Brad Hirsch AUSA Flodr: Is there an objection? These exhibits are being offered to show who the witness met with. Judge Oetken: They’d admitted. AUSA: Now ID these people, Mr. Muraviev and Mr. Kukushkin.

Hirsch: Muraviev is seated up at his plate. AUSA: Where did you stay when you went to Moscow? Hirsch: The Four Seasons Hotel. AUSA Flodr: Who paid? Hirsch: My clients or Mr. Muraviev.

AUSA: After your trip to Moscow did you stay in contact with Mr. Muraviev and Mr. Kukushkin?

Hirsch: Yes. I saw Mr. Muraview at least twice. In California, I formed two entities for the purpose of engaging in the cannabis business. AUSA Flodr: Pull up Gov Exh 802.

On cross examination, Kukushkin’s lawyer Lefcourt asks: Mr. Hirsch, were you also a lobbyist? Hirsch: I never lobbied politicians. In Sacramento

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