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Nearly all industries were impacted by pandemic-related restrictions, but some might say that the events industry bore the brunt of it. Even the Tokyo Olympics were postponed a year. But the global events industry is remarkably resilient: Its size was valued at $1,135.4 billion in 2019, and is expected to hold steady and grow to $1,552.9 billion by 2028, despite those setbacks, estimated recently.

EventHi is an event management and ticketing platform, built to support cannabis events without the discrimination organizers typically face. The timing could not be more prescient. Social distancing and mask restrictions have been lifted or eased in nearly all U.S. states. While it’s unclear if restrictions truly are over—for now, the world is mostly open.

In most cases, the wait is over for in-person cannabis events.

EventHi is considered to be the first online event management ticketing platform catering specifically to the cannabis industry, connecting people together offline. EventHi was founded in 2017—sprung from an idea that had been brewing in the head of Ali Fakhri, CEO and founder of EventHi, since 2014.

EventHi creates a safe hosting platform for cannabis events—often the target of excessive restrictions—creating a unique ecosystem that allows the organizers, attendees, and sponsors to connect in one place. 

Abrupt removals of cannabis events cost money. Michael Zaytsev, organizer of the New York Cannabis Film Festival, for instance, ran into trouble in 2017 when his event was suddenly pulled on Eventbrite, and his account suspended—after doing business with the platform unscathed for years. Zaytsev, who is also a Forbes Coaches Council contributor, wondered if the uproar was due to a reference of CBD-infused popcorn at his event.

Fakhri recalls some event organizers who used mainstream event platforms for six times—only to be shut down on the seventh. They never know when their

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