Immigration, pot testing bills survive deadline; water measure fails – Las Vegas Sun

CARSON CITY — With a little over a week left in the Legislature, lawmakers crossed the second house deadline Friday in a marathon session lasting on-and-off from the early afternoon until late into the night.

Many of the bills that had made it to the deadline survived, but a few failed to pass, including a contentious water mitigation bill that opponents said was a precursor to a north-to-south pipeline.

Unless a bill had been marked exempt, Friday evening was the last day it could have been passed out of the second house — meaning if a bill began in the Assembly, it had to pass through the Senate, and vice versa. Bills that passed through both houses will now head to the governor’s desk, where he must act on it within five days or it becomes law without his signature. Some bills filed later in the session, including the governor’s bill creating the Cannabis Compliance Board and a revamp of the school funding formula, are exempt from the standard legislative deadlines.

Here are some of the measures that lived and died in the Legislature’s marathon session.


Senate Bill 538, Office of New Americans: This bill, sponsored by the Gov. Steve Sisolak, would create the Office of New Americans, which would assist immigrants in areas including business, education and entrepreneurial resources in their communities.

It was one of Sisolak’s policy priorities this session. In a statement after the bill’s introduction, the governor said the office would make the transition to living in Nevada easier for immigrants.

“Each year, so many immigrants decide to pursue economic success in Nevada, and many achieve that success not only for themselves and their families, but for thousands of other Nevadans through the creation of

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