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Idaho’s recent proposed legislation shows just how out of date our representation is. Some of the new bills proposed in 2021 so far are outrageous and would affect a large part of Idaho’s population, particularly women and college students for two of the bills, in a negative way. 

Idaho’s representation is growing old, and their ideals are outgrowing the modern world. Many Idaho immigrants come to the state for the lack of regulation, and representatives have prided themselves on that for a long time, but at least three of the bills proposed this year have aimed to impose more restrictions on Idahoans in some pretty big ways. 

 One bill the Idaho legislation has been considering is the fetal heartbeat abortion ban bill, which would outlaw abortions after about five to six weeks of pregnancy, when a heartbeat could be detected – before many women know they’re pregnant.   

If the aim of the bill is to preserve lives, the legislature should be considering what having a child can do to a woman who doesn’t want it. If they are concerned about lives who have a chance of being lost, what about the women who are ruining their own lives to have a baby, and possibly taking their own lives as a result of the stress and trauma? If there are people out there who think a baby deserves a chance at the pursuit of happiness, then the mother deserves the chance to have that too.   

The safety of current, established lives should be put before those who have yet to even live. A woman old enough to have a baby is a woman old enough to decide whether she can care for the baby. If both lives are going to be put in danger, whether through the hardships of life after

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